History of 185th Quartermaster Company (Depot Supply) 1942 - 1943

14-Dec-20 Constituted 43d Division Quartermaster Train and allotted to Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont which would become 185th Quartermaster Company

1-May-36 43d Division Quartermaster Train redesignated 118th Quartermaster Regiment, Company D Federally recognized 23 April 1937 at Providence, RI

24-Feb-41 118th Quartermaster Regiment, Company D Inducted into Federal service

20-Feb-42 Camp Shelby MS - Company D redesignated as 185th Quartermaster Company, Depot Supply. The original personnel of the company were obtained by transfer from the 118th Quartermaster Regiment, 43rd Infantry Division.  The 185th QM Co is attached to the 118th QM Battalion. For 3 months at the Camp the 185th QM Company completed its training as a Depot Supply unit and took a course in practical training in the Quartermaster Warehouse.

1-Mar-42 Camp Shelby MS  - 185th QM Co attached to 71st QM Battalion

17-Apr-42 Camp Shelby MS -  185th QM Co attached to 28th QM Regiment

20-May-42 Camp Shelby MS - 185th departs Camp Shelby and arrives at the Overseas Discharge and Replacement Depot, Charleston Port of Embarkation, Charleston SC on 22 May 42

22-May-42 Charleston Port of Embarkation - 185th QM Co attached to Task Force No 1160 upon arrival in Charleston SC

27-May-42 Charleston Port of Embarkation - Boarded the U.S.A.T. Mariposa for transport to CBI via Southern Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

18-Jul-42 Karachi India - Gen Depot No. 1 established Karachi under comd of CO Base Sec No. 1

23-Jul-42 Karachi India - The 185th Quartermaster Company arrived in Karachi India after sailing from Charleston SC. They sailed on the SS Mariposa for 53 days with port calls were made in Freetown, Sierra Leone and Capetown South Africa. The Company was assigned to duty in the Headquarters and Quartermaster Sections of General Depot #1. The 185th QM Depot Supply set up shop there. Their unit was responsible for unloading the supplies off the boats from the USA and sending them upcountry to Burma and China. According to Where I Came In-- " in China, Burma, India, Volume 2 by Robert James Kadel, Herman D Bell was drafted in 9 Apr 41 and was eventually sent to Camp Blanding for advanced training in supply and warehousing. There they formed the 185th Quartermaster Depot Supply. About the end of July boarded the SS Mariposa at Charleston SC. 53 days later landed in Karachi India. The 185th QM Depot Supply set up shop there. Their unit was responsible for unloading the supplies off the boats from the USA and sending them upcountry to Burma and China.

21-Dec-42 Calcutta India - Gen Depot No.2 established Calcutta under comd of CO Base Sec No.2.

1-Jan-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers and 93 enlisted In Jan 3 men hospitalized

1-Feb-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers and 92 enlisted In Jan 1 man hospitalized

22-Feb-43 Karachi India - 51 members of the 185th together with former members in the area celebrated the first anniverary of the formation of the Company with a banquet at K.G.A. Hall then a movie at the Palace Theater.

1-Mar-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 91 enlisted men and 2 men hospitalized over March.

1-Apr-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 90 enlisted, no hospitalizations.

1-May-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 85 enlisted, 2 hospitalizations.

1-Jun-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 87 enlisted, 1 hospitalization. During the month 19 enlisted men were transferred to Headquarters, Base Section #2 Calcutta. and 55 enlisted men were placed on detached service to Base Section #2, Calcutta

1-Jul-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 139 enlisted.

1-Aug-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 138 enlisted. Benjamin G Patterson returned from temporary duty at Gaya India, APO 630 and assumed command from Capt. Bernard A. Wilcox

2-Aug-43 Karachi India - A party was held for members and former members and guests at the Grand Hotel, Malir to commemorate the 185ths one year of service in India. It was also a farewell party for Capt. Wilcox. A commendation was received commending the men of the 185th on their conduct for the past year in Karachi

1-Sep-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 136 enlisted, 1 hospitalization.

1-Oct-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 140 enlisted, 2 hospitalizations. During the month of October, 45 enlisted were relieved from detached service Base Section #2 and transferred to Headquarters Base Section #2

1-Dec-43 Karachi India - 185th QM Co Strength 3 officers 107 enlisted, 2 hospitalizations. Weekly drills were held during December. Lectures were: Tropical Diseases by Major Gabreski and Chemical Warfare by Lt Sloan.

5-Dec-43 Calcutta India - Imperial Japanese Army Air Service planes conduct a morning bombing raid on the port of Calcutta. The Japanese concentrated their bombing on Calcutta's Kidderpore docks, causing 'considerable' damage. A large number of coolie (porters) at the dock were killed along with three merchant vessels, one navy vessel and 15 barges were also damaged at the dock. The official communique admitted 500 civilian casualties (one-third killed), and 14 military (1 fatal). Actually about 350 people died. A total of nine British Hurricanes were shot down by the Japanese in the ensuing dog fights in contrast only one Mitsubishi Ki-21 and another being just damaged. One Nakajima Ki-43 had to do a forced landing as it had run out of fuel.

1942-43 Karachi India - Bombay on the west coast was the main British port and was heavily congested with British traffic. As a result, Karachi on the northwest coast became the first American port. It had 22 ship berths and large ships could be moored in 60 feet of water. Most cargo was unloaded from ship to railway cars with the aid of floating cranes. Since there was no shipside or transit sheds, cargo was transported by rail, truck, or lighter. Starting in September 1942, supplies were transshipped from Karachi to Calcutta. During 1942, most U.S. supplies entered through Karachi. The port troops used native coolie labor. During 1942, the port discharged and transshipped 130,342 tons of cargo; in addition to debarking 13,800 troops. As soon as the tactical situation permitted, an east coast port closer to the forward areas was opened.

March 1943 Calcutta India Calcutta was opened to vessels arriving from the U.S. in March 1943 and soon surpassed Karachi in importance. With the shift from Karachi to Calcutta, the two port companies were transferred, one moving in February 1943, the other in August 1943.

1943-44 Karachi India - Continuing port activities at Karachi were handled by a small Army staff supervising native labor, but this did not impair operational efficiency. During 1943 Karachi, on three occasions, stood first among overseas U.S. Army ports in monthly cargo discharge performance, and in December set a new port record for itself, unloading 5,645 tons from the S.S. Mark Hopkins in three days and 10 hours working time. Karachi handled a dwindling traffic load in 1944; after January 1944 it became unimportant as a supply base. The port's outstanding job during the year was the unloading of the Mark Twain with 5,597 tons of cargo within 48.5 hours after docking. Later, the need for an Army port in northwest India gradually disappeared.


History of 185th Quartermaster Company (Depot Supply) Jan - January - June 1944

(Year is 1944 and location is Karachi India unless otherwise listed)

3-Jan Weekly Lecture on Articles of War and Security conducted. Commanding Officer is Captain Benjamin Patterson

5-Jan Weekly drill conducted

11-Jan Weekly Lecture on the Indian Army by Major Holland of the Indian Army

12-Jan Weekly drill conducted

16-Jan Weekly Lecture on the Japanese Army

18-Jan Weekly drill conducted with Col T.H. Bexs (CO Base Section #1 SOS) the Reviewing Officer 25-Jan Weekly drill conducted 31-Jan 185th QM Co (Depot Supply) Morning Report, Strength in January fluctuates between 151 and 204 with average 167 men during month of January. 2 men sent to hospital in January. Weekly Lecture on Chemical Warfare conducted

1-Feb Chemical Warfare Training Film shown. Strength 2 officers and 137 enlisted

2-Feb Weekly drill held

5-Feb talk on Sex Hygiene

9-Feb-44 Karachi India Weekly drill conducted

15-Feb Lecture and general forum discussion

16-Feb Weekly drill conducted

22-Feb Weekly lecture by British Officer on Tobruk and Crete Campaign

23-Feb Weekly drill held though the weather was very poor. Training on military codes and informal discussion on aid to soldiers in general.

28-Feb Morning Reports in Feb strength was between 203 and 314. First Three Graders Council meeting held discussions on company problems. During the month Capt. B.G. Patterson was relieved of command by 2nd LT Abraham W. Fiur as interim. One man was hospitalized and returned and another was returned from the hospital

29-Feb Meeting on proper method for receiving pay

1-Mar Weekly drill held. General Warden as guest. Unit strength 119 enlisted and 2 officers

2-Mar First 3 Graders discussion on company cleanliness and room care

3-6-Mar Movies shown

7-Mar Meeting of the Council members on subject of "CI" Company Funds. Lt Robin of the Judge Advocates Office conducted a talk on the Articles of War. A movie was shown preceded by several training films on G15 Masks and Proper Maintenance of pneumatic tires 8-Mar Weekly drill only 1/2 hour

11-Mar Weekly drill session. Royal dance and entertainment

14-Mar Weekly lecture by Captain Matthews on Indian Customs and Religion

15-Mar Weekly drill session (last of weekly sessions)

16-Mar First lecture on Malaria Control by Captain Solomon

17-Mar Second lecture on Malaria Control by Captain William Carrington. Also movie night

18-19-Mar Recreation tour to Hawks Bay for swim and fun (Hawke's Bay or Hawkes bay is a beach in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan located 20 km at south-west of Karachi. This beach is named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, who owned a beach house here in 1930s.)

20-Mar Third lecture on Malaria Control by Captain Williams

21-Mar Beginning of semi-weekly drill schedule (half hour). Fourth lecture on Malaria Control by Major Gabreski. Usual Tuesday night movie show

24-Mar Semi-weekly drill session

25-Mar Entertainment and dance

26-Mar Recreation swim to Hawks Bay and inter-league baseball game at Mosolium Field

28-Mar Semi-weekly drill session

31-Mar Semi-weekly drill session. Morning Reports in March strength was between 287 and 312. No hospitalizations occurred during the month

2-Apr Recreation to Hawks Bay. Strength was 2 officers and 122 enlisted

3-Apr Effective 3 Apr 44, the 185th QMC (DS) assigned to General Depot #1 per para 5 SO #82 HQ Base Sec #1 SOS USAF CBI APO 886,3 Apr 44. Second Lieutenant Fiur Abraham W appointed CO 185th QMC (PS) to replace Capt. Benjamin Patterson

4-Apr Semi-weekly drill session. Movie night, Inter-league softball game 185th v 6th Base. Score 4-3.

5-Apr Beginning of weekly bingo and tomboli games in new recreation hall

7-Apr Semi-weekly drill session. Movie night. Unit officers come off per diem and begin eating meals at hotel

8-Apr Semi-monthly dance and entertainment. New instruments were obtained to aid in forming small band

9-Apr Movies at night. Seven men went on a trip to the RIN, HMS Himalaya Training Station and another group took in Hawks Bay for a swim

10-Apr 185th QMC (DS) assigned to QM Supply Section for Duty

11-Apr Unit entered Gas Chamber 100%. Movie Night and Ball Game

12-Apr Bingo and TOMBOLO (Tombola is a lottery-style board game which originated in Southern Italy. A variation of the game is a popular form of raffle in the UK and elsewhere. In Italy, a tombola is a traditional board game, first played in the city of Naples in the eighteenth century. It is similar to the game of bingo.)

14-Apr Company close order drill and calisthenics. Movie night.

15-Apr Ball game practice

16-Apr Hawks Bay swimming trip

18-Apr Lecture on Japan by Vice Counsel Edwards, movie night and ball practice. Semi weekly drill schedule fulfilled

19-Apr Bingo and TOMBOLO

21-Apr Semi Weekly drill schedule with military courtesy. Friday Night Movie Night

23-Apr Recreational swim to Hawks Bay. Royal Ball team won against 145th Truck 10-2

25-Apr Movies night with usual semi weekly drills

26-Apr games once more with TOMBOLO

28-Apr Semi weekly drill schedule with movie night

30-Apr Morning Reports in April strength was between 286 and 290. During month 3 enlisted men were hospitalized. Swim to Hawks Bay and payday

May-Oct Lake Beale, India The buildup in the theater required replacement installations and by the end of 1943 there were replacement depots in operation at Camp Angus near Calcutta, Camp Kancheapara and at Malir (No. 1). In May 44, a staging area and replacement depot started operating at Lake Beale. Every action in the Port of Bombay had to be cleared with British authorities which Americans found to be unsatisfactory. This caused delays to unloading troops because of lack of rolling stock and poor timing of trains. Gradually, though, one function after another was transferred, so that the U.S. port commander, eventually assumed responsibility for most activities. Reliance on British staging facilities ended in July 1944 when an American staging area was opened at Lake Beale, 125 miles from Bombay, at one of the main trans-India rollway connections. That camp continued until October when a section of Camp Kalyan, a British staging area in Bombay, was made available for personnel departing the Theater. Camp Beale was then assigned to the SOS Replacement Service and was used exclusively as a staging area for troops arriving in CBI.

1-May Strength 1 officer and 130 enlisted.

12-May Friday morning drill by platoon

13-May Mothers Day dance and entertainment went over big

14-May Swim at Hawks Bay and movies

16-May Movies with training film "Protection Against Chemical Attack" before the regular Tuesday night show Also started first of a series of swims to "Boat Club" for recreational purposes. This begins daily evening swims.

19-May Movie is "How to get killed in one easy lesson"

22-May A swim to Hawks Bay, brought out a truck load of Polish refugees. During early 40’s Karachi had a significant population of Polish refugees which fled Russian occupation in their native land. It was precisely during August 1942 and December 1944, when more than 30,000 Polish traveled to Karachi by Sea. They were accommodated in Malir by British Army. After restoration of Peace in Poland most of them moved back to Poland. Some 58 Polish nationals are buried in the Karachi Christian Cemetery.

23-May Watched Disney's "The Winged Scourge" (The Winged Scourge is the first of a series of health-related educational shorts produced by the Disney studios and the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs for showing in Latin America. It was also the only one to use established Disney characters (the Seven Dwarves). In this propaganda short, the viewers are taught about how the mosquito can spread malaria. A young mosquito flies into a house and consumes the blood of an infected human. She then consumes the blood of a healthy human, transmitting the disease into him. It turns out that this is actually a film within a film and the Seven Dwarfs are watching it. The Dwarfs volunteer to get rid of the mosquito by destroying her breeding grounds.) 26-May Gas mask inspection in ranks. Movie night

28-May Sunday the recreational swim also meant a trip to the Polish refugee camp where we got to truck loads of refugees to Hawks Bay.

30-May USO show played on newly constructed stage.

31-May Morning Report Company manpower ranged between 289-269. Decontamination and anti-incendiary teams had 1/2 hour training. Drill was postponed so the EM could attend services at the soldiers cemetery for Memorial Day services. Recreation for month included: regular bingo games, Tuesday night movies, Friday night movies, Sunday recreational swim to Hawks Bay with movies at night. Semi-Weekly drill schedule. 1 enlisted man hospitalized in the month

1-Jun Lake Beale, India The Port of Bombay was officially opened on Jan. 1, 1944, and the 181st General Hospital was opened, occupying the Deepak Mahal. In February, plans were being made to build Replacement Depot No. 4, Lake Beale, and it was opened on June 1. Twenty officers and 50 men were stationed there at first, but the total was later raised to 250. Camp Beale was used chiefly for sending new transients forward to other parts of the CBI Theater and for billeting men on their way to the Persian Gulf. The Depot was closed in March, 1945 after processing many thousands of troops. The 181st General Hospital was moved to Malabar Hill in March and a 100-bed institution was fully staffed. At the time a U.S. Military Observer's Office was set up

1-Jun Strength 1 officer and 131 enlisted men. Stated month with a meeting to plan our anniversary party. Movies on Friday night with routine swims to "Union Jack"

4-Jun Sundays swim to Hawks Bay was great fun. The movies at night ended a great day of fun.

6-Jun Tuesday's drill was cancelled. Had a new lecture by Lt Brown and 2 training films dealing with Chemical Warfare in the evening. D-Day in Europe

9-Jun Because of the dance (anniversary party), Friday night movies were moved to Thursday. The dance was successful but not good. The new GI band proved to be good music.

13-15-Jun Training films and lectures on First Aid in the Field with regular movies following. Daily swims continue about the Union Jack Club

18-Jun Hawks Bay was again swarmed by our men while others made a trip to the hospital to visit our 7 sick men

20-Jun Tuesday night training film on Military Courtesy

22-Jun 1st LT John J Buckley attached to 185 QM Co and appointed Commanding Officer

25-27 Jun Sunday was night of Organization big second anniversary dinner-dance. 40 polish refugees gave us a "gal for every man and oodles of fun all around." Monday some of the men attended a dance at the refugee camp and Tuesday was movie night. "Made for 3 busy nights in a row."

30-Jun During the month 7 men hospitalized. Morning Report Company manpower range from 249-275. The CO, LT John J Buckley signed reports written by company clerk who writes "So ends the use of these old morning reports. Remarks will have to be short and sweet because there is no place for talking on these new reports."

History of 185th Quartermaster Company (Depot Supply) Jul - Dec 1944

(Year is 1944 and location is Karachi India unless otherwise listed)

1-Jul Strength 2 officers and 136 enlisted men

6-Jul lecture on Safeguarding Military Information

7-Jul Training schedule inspection of clothing and equipment

12-Jul Compulsory lecture on Military Courtesy and Discipline. Training film on invasion of Crete 15-Jul inspection of rifles and racks

19-Jul Weekly lecture by Lt Harp on care and conservation of gas mask. Training film entitled SNAFU shown

22-Jul Weekly lecture Articles of War

26-Jul Weekly lecture on Censorship by Lt Harrison, 6th Base Post Office

31-Jul 5 men hospitalized in July. The months of July, August, September saw a steady stream of troops moving between duty and the hospital. Each month the rate of men going to hospital or quarters increases. November hospitalizations slow. During the month 17 enlisted men from the 185th were relieved of duty from the 5324th QM Supply Sec (Prov) and placed on detached services with the Port of Debarkation and 1st Platoon was set up as Storage Section at Port of Debarkation with 8 enlisted personnel. 31-Jul Karachi/Lake Beale India 9 enlisted men placed on detached service with Headquarters, Replacement Depot #4, APO 213 on 28 Jul 44.

1-Aug Karachi/Lake Beale India 15 enlisted men relieved from detached service at Port of Debarkation and placed on detached service with Headquarters, Replacement Depot #4 APO 213.

15-Aug PFC Iozzio asgd and jd (assigned and joined) as per paragraph 3 SC #200 HQ BS # 1 SOS USAF CBI dtd 14 Aug 44. Assigned to unit as automotive mechanic (MOS 014)

23-Aug PFC Iozzio along with 22 other EM assigned to duty DS Replacement Depot #4 per paragraph 10 50 #200 HQ BS #1 SOS USAF CRT APO 886 dtd 14 Aug 44. This is APO 213, Bombay, Lake Beale

31-Aug 13 men were hospitalized in August.

16-Sep Cpl Elmer Hall deceased at 2210 after being admitted to hospital. CO held graveside military funeral Monday 18 Sep

1-Oct Strength 3 officers and 133 enlisted men. 7 men hospitalized in month of October.

13-Oct CO Lt Buckley promoted to Captain

1-Nov Strength 6 officers and 175 enlisted men. 1 officer and 8 enlisted men were hospitalized in October. Reassigned from Base Section #1 SOS USAF CIB to Base General Depot #1 without change of station. During November 4 enlisted men were placed on duty at Replacement Depot #4 Lake Beale

1-Dec Strength 8 officers and 191 enlisted men.

2-Dec 3 officers and 65 enlisted men were transferred to 675 QM Base Depot Company, activating the company.

15-Dec 185th Reassigned from General Depot #1, APO 886 to Base General Depot #2 with duty at Station APO 465 (Calcutta India) as per para 2, G#35, HQ SOS, IBT, APO 885, dtd 9 Dec 44 to assist in the storage and issue of Quartermaster supplies in the CBI Theater.

20-Dec  1 Dep HQ remains further with DS w HQ, POD, SOS, APO 881 (Bombay) effective 9 Dec 44 per para3, GO#35, HQ, SOS, IBT. 1st Platoon of this organization remains further attached to Repl Depot #4, APO 213 (Bombay Lake Beale) eff 9 Dec 44 as per para 3, GO#35, HQ, SOS, IBT

28-Dec Capt. John J Buckley detached from the 185 QM CO, 2nd LT Martin Karp attached and assumes acting command. 1 Jan 45 1st Lt Franklin A Mead assumes command.

31-Dec During the month, Private Albert Seiber was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received while in action against the enemy during the march on Myitakynia Airfield


History of 185th Quartermaster Company (Depot Supply) 1945

(Year is 1945 and location is Calcutta India unless otherwise listed)

1-Jan-45 Calcutta India Strength 1 officer and 110 enlisted men. During January 2 men were hospitalized. Under the provisions of para 2, GO#35, HQ SOS, IBT, APO 885, dtd 9 Dec 44 the 185th QM Depot Company is attached to Base General Depot No 2, APO 465 (Calcutta India) and relinquished from attachment to Base General Depot #1, APO 886. Separate Morning Reports will be submitted by one Depot HQ section with 19 enlisted men and one officer at APO 881 (Bombay India), one storage section with 33 enlisted men and one officer at APO 886 (Karachi India), and First Platoon with 42 enlisted men at APO 213 (Bombay, Lake Beale) 4 enlisted men at APO 885 (New Delhi) and 2 enlisted men at APO 493 (Kharagpur India) were carried on the Morning Report from Headquarters 886 will be picked up on the Morning Report from this Headquarters today. 29 enlisted men remain at APO 886 who remain at that station when HQ transferred to APO 465

22-Jan Morning reporting for Organization changed this date to only report on personnel physically present or assigned to that part of the organization. Those in other locations such as 1st Platoon in Lake Beale will no longer appear on morning reports.

During 1945 Duties of that the 185th participated in:

- In Dec 44 construction began on a 55 gallon large drum manufacturing plant at Tesgaon to provide drums for gasoline to be shipped to China. Production began in March 1945;

- 7 enlisted and 9 civilians manned a Typewriter Repair Shop that serviced the CBI;

- Cot Assembly Plant manned by civilians assembled cots from materials purchased by Indian businesses;

- Coffee Plant for roasting and grinding of Indian coffee beans to create coffee for theater;

- Cold Storage Plant on Hyde Road Calcutta. The plant consisted of 134,790 cubic feet of freezer space and 6,570 of chiller space to store frozen meat for CBI.

- Personal Effects processed all unaccompanied baggage moving in and out of CBI;

- 1 officer & 17 enlisted men man subsistence warehouses at Northbrook; Quartermaster Post Exchange warehouses;

- Quartermaster Property Section with 31 enlisted personnel;

- Storage and Control Section that supervised and coordinated activities at the various warehouses.

1-Feb Strength 2 officers and 110 enlisted men. During the month 27 EM were placed on temporary duty with 5324th QM Supply Section

30-Apr Det of 17 enlisted men and one officer at Kanchra Para Calcutta, APO 494 rejoined to Calcutta, APO 465 1-May-45 Calcutta India Storage section with 33 enlisted men and one officer at APO 886 (Karachi India) is detached from HQ Base Sec #1 and rejoins the 185th. Detachment enrooted to Calcutta to rejoin Organization. 10 Enlisted men detached from 675th QM Base Depot Company APO 886 and enrooted to rejoin organization

13-May Depot HQ Section, 2nd Platoon, 185th QM Deport Co consisting of 17 enlisted men is detached from HQ P/D , SOS, IBT, APO 881 (Bombay) and will revert to control of this Organization. Section is enrooted to rejoin organization in Calcutta. During the remainder of the month and in June personnel from 185th in other locations rejoin the Organization in Calcutta in small groups.

15-May Karachi India Base Section No. 1 was inactivated with the exception of a small detachment to unload small shipments from tankers and some coast-wise cargo; then all troops were transferred throughout the CBI. Depot Headquarters Section, Second Platoon consisting of 17 enlisted men APO 881 Bombay, will revert to control of Calcutta APO 465 and enroute to rejoin.

21-May 185th authorized strength 20 Officers, 306 enlisted. Actual 17 Officers, 230 enlisted. The 4280th and 185th Quartermaster Depot Companies (minus the 185th Storage Section in APO 494 is assigned to the Quartermaster Supply Section offices and warehouse, APO 465 Calcutta

2-Sep Commanding Officer, Lt Franklin A Mead promoted to Captain

10-Sep Storage Section, 185th QM Depot Co (Col 7 T/O &E 10-227, dtd 7 March 45) consisting of 1 Officer and 27 enlisted men is detached from Replacement Service and control will revert to this organization at APO 465 (Calcutta). Section has rejoined per para 31 SO #264 HQ, USF, IBF. PFC Iozzio, one of two MOS 345 (truck drivers) attached to this detachment and on 10 Sep is in Calcutta with the main body of the 185th QM Depot Co. With PFC Iozzio were 2nd LT Wilford Kemp, SGT Harlan Lindroth, T/4 Carl Sheppard, T/4 Jake Sklar, Cpl Charles Parker, T/5 Gayle Shuck, T/5 Philip Wrenn, T/5 Louis Nichols, T/5 D.C. Hearn, PFCs Paul Willis, Ealy Childers, Troy Harkrider, Aaron Dulmash, Thomas DeFronzo, Desire Lissard, Roy Marchand, Charles Sterling, Russell Templeton, William Lippincott, Alford Johnson, Russell Fitzwater and PVTs Patrick McGrogan, Oswell Figueredo, Adrian Steele, Albert Hawkins. 21-Sep-45 Calcutta India PFC Iozzio, along with PFC Henry Cloakedile, T/4Hubert Woolman, Sgt Russell Jenkins, Sgt Peter Faraccio, SSGT Phillipp Shutt, SSGT Francis Demitrovich, SSGT Colon Brock, MSGT Issaic Poss: 9 enlisted men transferred from duty with the 185th QM Depot Company to temporary duty, depart enrooted to Replacement Service, pending EDCMR (Effective Date Concerning Morning Report) 22 Sep 45, per paragraph 7, SO#204, HQ Base General Depot, IBT

22-Sep PFC Iozzio, along with T/4Hubert Woolman, Sgt Russell Jenkins, Sgt Peter Faraccio, SSGT Phillipp Shutt, SSGT Francis Demitrovich, SSGT Colon Brock, MSGT Issaic Poss: 8 enlisted men transferred from temporary duty to relieved of assignment and attached unassigned to Replacement Service per paragraph 7, SO#205, HQ Base General Depot, IBT, Re: M/R 21Sep45. PFC Henry Cloakedile held from assignment pending deposition witness in a Court Marshall.

30-Sep U.S. Army Forces in CBI on 30 September 1945 - 185th Quartermaster Depot Company located in Calcutta T/O 10 officers, 227 enlisted. Date 7 Mar 45. authorized strength 186 

Aug-Oct 45  The 185th worked in 2 Warehouse areas, Budge Budge and Northbrook. Loss of men through readjustment regulations had put hardship on the Quartermaster Section. Most men who departed were experienced soldiers. Although inexperienced replacements were furnished shortly after the exodus in the early Fall of 1945, none were available in the last few weeks of the year when most urgently needed. Off duty hours included movies 3 nights a week, golf and tennis, libraries and post exchanges. Buses ran regularly between the warehouses and downtown Calcutta.

31-Dec 185th authorized strength 22 Officers, 356 enlisted. Actual 16 Officers, 393 enlisted. The 185th was put in for a Meritorious Unit Citation to Theater Headquarters.

22-Apr-46 Calcutta India 185th Quartermaster Depot Company inactivated 22 April 1946 in India. Awarded Meritorious Unit Commendation:  9 Dec 44-30 Sep 45, GO 6, Hq USF IBT, dtd 5 Jan 46.

Postwar, the 118th Quartermaster Regiment reconstituted 21 May 1946; allotted, less all elements except Company D, 2 July 1946 to Rhode Island National Guard as 43d Quartermaster Company.